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Margaret Astrid Phanes, M.A., LMFT #7999
Training in Conscious-Force Meditation, Integral Transformative Psychology, and digital arts.

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Conscious-Force Meditation is an experience of going within to a deeper part of self and opening to expanded awareness and life-energy. Through this process of transformation, we begin to understand the parts of our nature, the dimensions of Self, and beyond. Meditation fosters the freeing and cooperation within and an integration of wholeness.
Through Meditation, transformational energies bring vision, balance ,and calm to mental, emotional, and physical aspects of self. Receptivity increases to open to presence, clarity, peace and an interconnection to all life and all levels of experience.

The Psychology of Meditation
The Psychology of Meditation is a psychology based on consciousness and transformation. It is the knowledge, experience, and application of a transformative psychology to integrate our inner and outer self, deeper self, and true nature. Contemplation and Meditation provide the understanding of a fuller dimension of our true being. Through Meditation, the process of transformation provides an illumined path to wholeness.
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“For 30 years I have taught meditation, integral psychology, & digital arts from the traditions of agni yoga and integral yoga. biography
Training is offered onsite, on Skype, and on the web to individuals and groups.

My dedication to the practice of Integral Yoga inspires my vision and visual meditations. My digital meditations and designs have been internationally published in print and web.
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—Margaret Astrid Phanes

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