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Margaret Astrid Phanes, M.A., MFT offers training in Conscious-Force Meditation, Integral Transformative Psychology, and digital arts.
Conscious-Force Meditation focuses concentration, increased consciousness, and energy tools for the practice of integral transformation. Concentration, increased consciousness, and conscious force (Shakti) brings healing, vision, and wholeness to our inner and outer selves. The concentration of soul force increases the receptivity to presence, force, and connection to all dimensions of our nature..
Integral Psychology
Yoga psychology, is the practical knowledge and application of a transformative psychology for the integration of self and knowledge of our being. The practice of a complete transformation of all dimensions of our nature is essential to a path of conscious evolution. Conscious-Force Meditation & Integral Psychology (more)…

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“For 30 years I have taught meditation, psychology, & digital arts in education, health, and business.” biography
Conscious-Force Meditation, Integral Psychology, & digital arts training are offered onsite, on Skype, and on the web to individuals and groups.

Meditation inspires my vision and visual communication. My digital meditations and designs have been internationally published in print and web.
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—Margaret Astrid Phanes

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CIIS Founder's Day: Meditation Workshop

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Consciousness & Its Transformation: Retreat

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Light, Color & Transformation Exhibit

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