Shakti Meditation

Shakti Meditation

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Margaret Astrid Phanes, M.A., LMFT #7999
Offers Shakti (Energy) Meditation, Meditation as Tranformative Psychology, and Vsual Light-Energy Meditations: Experience a concentration of life-energy and creative-force for inspiration, intuition & healing.

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Creative Shakti Meditation
Creative Shakti Meditation invokes life-energy and creative-force for a deep connection to inner Self. Through the power of Shakti-force, we transform and heal all parts of our mental, emotional, and physical nature.-Soul Centering brings clarity, calm, harmony, and healing to all levels of mind and body. Creative Shakti Meditation comes from the yoga traditions of Integral Yoga and Agni Yoga. (more)…

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Meditation as Transformative Psychology
is based on consciousness and inner growth through Meditation. It is the realization, experience, and application of a transformative conscious-force for the integration of outer self with inner self, soul, and being. Creative Shakti Meditation provides the practical exploration for a journey toward wholeness. (more)…

“For 25+ years, I have taught meditation from the Yoga traditions, Meditation as Transformative Psychology & digital arts.” biography

Shakti (Energy) Meditation, Meditation as Transformative Psychology & Visual Light-Energy Meditations are offered on site, on Skype, and on the web to individuals and groups. Contact for schedule and rates.

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