Margaret Astrid Phanes composes illuminating graphics as visual meditations. Vibrations of consciousness are translated into translucent multi-layered forms. Digital imagery is rendered as energy systems. They reveal their dynamics, emanations, transformations. Light-Force Meditations invoke spirit, soul, and energy through light, color, shape, and transparency.

Light-Force Meditations bring together the discipline of art, consciousness, and technology. It is a blend of inner and outer tools. An inner landscape is expressed through Illustration software. Yogic consciousness reveals an understanding and transformation of that inner world. The intuitive vision that comes from that knowing is much richer and stimulates the memory and experience of wholeness.

In Light-Force Meditations, I concentrated on meditations from Integral Yoga and Agni Yoga. These teachings inspire vast and wide experiences of the transcendent, the universal, and the personal. This understanding and perception of energy or consciousness states is essential to healing and transformation. Whether I am meditating or creating, this intuition guides the experiences and creative expression.